Shipment, delivery and returns

Order shipping

Your order will generally be sent up to 2 business days after receipt payment confirmation and this is something we strongly enforce.

We sell and ship to European Union countries only. We're sorry if that excludes you, but know that we intend to broaden expedition area asap.

Packages are sent via the carrier of your choice when checking out: CTT economic (up to 10 days for EU, up to 5 days for PT), CTT normal (up to 5 days for EU, up to 3 days for PT)  or Correio azul (up to 3 days for EU, up to 2 days for PT)

If you opt for CTT economic or CTT normal, your packages are sent with no tracking but if you wish it, you can either opt for Correio Azul or leave a comment upon checkout in the proper field (or give us a shout before you finalize your order). Asking for tracking for CTT Normal implies that you pay an extra fee which is around 3 to 6 EUR for Portugal. It might be simpler to just go with Correio Azul and know straight away what you will pay.

Shipping costs are dependent both on the chosen carrier service and - if selected shipping mode is not free - also on the approximate total weight of your order, so we advise you to plan your purchases and group as many items on a sole order.
Note that the checkout page will automatically and immediately reflect the shipping price as you change anything in your order. is not responsible for delivery delays whenever shipment is initiated within the above mentioned 2 business days upon receipt payment confirmation. compromises to take full care so that your books arrive in perfect conditions by providing adequate packaging materials. We cannot exclude that the carrier might not have the adequate care when transporting and handling your books. If the package arrives with any signs of damage, please take a picture of it before opening it up, so that we can file a complaint against the carrier and then help you dealing with the problem.

Every book is sent in cushioned envelopes or conditioned boxes. For feable structured titles we'll include a comic board and bag for extra protrction. You can then use them to store and preserve your beloved collection.

Order returns/refunds will take responsibility whenever you might get a product with some defect. In such a scenario, we will propose one of the following: give you your money back, emit a voucher of the same exact amount or send you an identical product. Mind that this last option might not be possible if stock is depleted and supplier is also out of stock.