About us

Our history and our mission

Deviant.fun appears in 2020, blossomed from the passion of its founder and his will to facilitate and boost your ability to acquire new comic titles (predominantly in English). We're based in Portugal but the vast majority of our titles are in English. With that, we hope to be of service to all us European (EU only) lovers of this amazing form of art.

Deviant.fun's mission is to provide a cost effective and varied service, compatible with the typical comics lovers' hunger for novelties and the eager to build a pristine and curated collection.

We aim to be a specialized shop where your experience is facilitated and oriented, unlike other brick-and-mortar services where you are forced to dig through a myriad of non-related products to find what you want. Facilitated also in the way that we strive to incorporate the most modern and practical payment solutions so that you can opt for what works best for you at each purchase.

We must confess that we prefer this art in its original format when it happens to be English. You'll find however that we also have comics translated to Portuguese, as not everyone in our community understands English, or not enough to get the full experience.

Deviant.fun also aims to be different and get recognized for its care in packaging and presentation of its titles, using protective packaging materials and conservation accessories like comic boards and bags, for the more fragile ones. We understand and share the passion for collecting and preserving our beloved works of art!

We really want to help you fill every empty space in your shelves with wonderful art at an affordable cost.

We wish you happy shopping experiences and reiterate that we're here to answer your questions, critiques and doubts!