Buy MORE, with LESS effort!

Yep. You read it right: more for less. The special payment conditions, once restrited to very special customers, can now be requested by everyone! Anticipating probable questions, here go the answers...

Q1: Ok... but how does this innovative approach help me optimize my purchases?

Simple. If you're planning to spend a significant amount (around 150€ and up), we allow you to pay a minimum of 25% as down payment and then, allow you to partition the remaining amount as you very please; each payment in the amount and moment more confortable to you, diluting through an agreed period.
Obviously, for reservations, as books arrive, you'll be asked to meet the amount they represent, if you haven't gotten there yet.

Q2: But how can I apply for fractioned payment if the store is compelling me to pay upon purchase/reservation?

Relatively simple. There're two ways, that can be combined:

a) just send us an e-mail where you identify the books and quantities that you intend to purchase

b) simply register as a customer, add everything to your shopping cart and then send us an emailTogether we'll confirm everything and the cart will then be converted to an actual purchase order.

From there on, every payment may be done via PayPal or SEPA bank transfer.

Q3: But how much time will I have to dilute my payment plan?

It depends. It's a 30 days minimum, but the most common will be 60 dias for already published titles.
However, if you're pre-ordering you may easily have a few months ahead, since you can start paying as soon as books are officially announced!

Q4: How are my partial payments and current balance managed?

In two ways:

a) via your orders' messaging area, where we'll discriminate every payment made (dates and payment methods) and your current balance. 

b) for orders containing many books, if you wish, we can share an online spreadsheet, updated everytime you make a payment. It also presents a dynamic timeline (based on delivery estimation) and your deviation from the optimal payment cadence.

Our contact e-mail is: [email protected]

We hope that the possibilities we offer, may allow you to better organize your purchases! More books read, more stories loved...